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The Agencies natural choice

VancastVideo is the video platform of choice by agencies. Besides the standard features, explained here, there are specific reasons for this:

A workspace for each client

You can have a specific Workspace for each of your clients (within the same Agency VancastVideo account) Several people within your customer can have access to the platform for collaboration and analytics, without compromising other clients information.

In the end, one single account for your agency, as many final clients as you need and as many admin users at each workspace as you need

One platform for all your client's needs

With VancastVideo you will not need a lot of custom development or many different platforms to give your client what it wants: Not only VancastVideo takes care of the streaming, transcoding and recording, but also can republish to other platforms, includes a dynamic container page, interaction tools, different access systems, security, etc.

With VancastVideo you can directly offer your client a webinar service, a streaming service for a congress or any other service, based in live or on-demand video


In case your projects go beyond VancastVideo's scope you might  need some integrations, VancastVideo offers a restful API for that purpose

Our team will be happy to discuss any possible integration you may need.


The VancastVideo platform is based in modern Industry Standards, that make it easy to learn by video streaming professionals and agencies staff.

Vancast Services offers custom training programs and video streaming services.

Please contact us for more information about Vancast Services

Convenient PAYG plan

You can use VancastVideo either subscription-based or under a Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan, making it very convenient for agencies as they don't have to commit to monthly fees. This way, their costs related to a client project are predictable and easy to allocate.


Please contact us for more pricing information.

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