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Enterprise edition

VancastVideo offers a best-in-class video platform to both, cover up any large company video need,  and to solve the typical internal bandwidth problem associated with extensive video usage.

The main advantages and benefits of the platform are:

Cloud Based

100% hardware-free implementations, allow for fast deployment. Only some networking checks and Single-Sign-On integration are necessary.

Minimal CAPEX allow you for a risk-free implementation

Data Cloud
One platform for all your company's needs

With VancastVideo you will not need a lot of custom development or many different platforms to cope with all your communication needs: Not only VancastVideo takes care of the streaming, transcoding and recording, but also can republish to other platforms, includes a dynamic container page, interaction tools, different access systems, etc.

With VancastVideo you can publish an online training course, a CEO communication, a product presentation webinar to your own employees or to your distributors, an Investor Day, a shareholders annual meeting, an investor relations presentation, training programs, etc.

API and SSO (Single-Sign-On)

In case your communication projects go beyond VancastVideo's scope you might  need some integrations, VancastVideo offers a restful API for that purpose

A simple SSO integration provides a secure way to grant access to the contents only to the intended audience

Our team will be happy to discuss any possible integration you may need.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 09.43.51.png
Comprehensive eCDN solution
(enterprise Content Delivery Network)

Delivering mass video across your WAN can easily compromise your network or simply won't provide the expected results.

The VancastVideo platform integrates both, Industry Standard Media Server Technology and HIVE Streaming p2p based eCDN technology, for secure eCDN deployments.

Depending on your company's geographical distribution you may need the complete solution or a solution based in just one of the technologies mentioned above


The HIVE integration includes extensive reporting technologies that provide from aggregated distribution results down to single-user detail. 


The VancastVideo platform is based in modern Industry Standards, that make it easy to learn by video streaming professionals and agencies staff.

Vancast Services offers custom training programs and video streaming services.

Please contact us for more information about Vancast Services

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