Video Platform. Streaming made easy

Any modern video platform is HTML5 based, includes live video transcoding to multiple sizes and bitrates, server-side recording and some post-production tools to repurpose your video as an on-demand video. Vancast Cloud Video goes well beyond this.  


Vancast Cloud Video is both easy to use and safe and includes the right functionalities to accommodate the most sophisticated events and simplify what you need to produce a live event, whether it is a webinar, a training course, a CEO presentation or a large multi-session congress in various languages, you will be able to create video-based communication pages all different and unique. Let's go over a few features of the Vancast Cloud Video platform to illustrate what it can offer:

Create engaging end-user experiences

VancastVideo allows you to define a Dynamic Container Page (based on templates) for each event session. This page, in conjunction with the video itself, will enable you to offer an engaging experience to your audience. The Control-Room application will let you manage that page dynamically during the event.


Ultimately, you neither have to worry about creating and hosting a responsive page to contain your video nor about the security system to protect that page. 

Manage the access to your contents

You can create as many access links to your event as you may need. This links can be of various types; SSO, Open, Registration Gate, email marketing, etc.


If you choose a registration gate access link type, you will be able to design a customised registration gate page within the platform, whereas an SSO link will allow access only to those logged-in in your own platform.


You can enable or disable any of the links individually.

Obtain the Analytics

With detail down to the individual user, you can know, in almost real-time, how many users attended your event and how long they were engaged. You can also know what link they used to access and what interactions users engaged in.

Interactive events for more engagement

VancastVideo includes powerful collaborative tools to manage Q&A sessions even for very large audiences. 


Further interactive experiences can be achieved with VancastVideo integrations with other event interaction platforms like