Our purpose

VancastVideo aims to provide the best streaming media platform for organisations and companies. We believe that Video both Live and On-demand are amazing tools for a lot of professional objectives. Video truly helps people to learn, to be aware, to get the message, to know the leaders better even when they're not physically close, and many more things. All of this is what makes us believe that there is significant potential in our vertical. 

We are an enthusiastic team of professionals continuously and tirelessly creating and improving our product. We currently work on and commercialise the V4 of our Video platform (VancastVideo).

We are proud to say that V4 (VancastVideo) does not share a single line of code with V3 (Webcastudio). It was a considerable rebuild work. Four years ago, we took advantage of several underlying technology disruptions to make the difficult decision to start from scratch and undertake the V4 project. This decision brought us to use safer, cutting-edge technologies, modern interfaces, and also to recap all the knowledge, mostly learned from our clients, to create a superior product.  


Today, we are 100% operational and delighted with the V4 VancastVideo platform, although the road-map of requested new features and improvements is still significant.


By January 2019, 100% of our clients had successfully migrated to the new platform.